Why Hire Michele's Maids to Clean Your Home
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House Cleaning is our passion.  Details are our Specialty.

There are several benefits that you can receive when you choose to hire a cleaning service company to help you maintain your home, because most cleaning services companies offer more than just cleaning services to help improve your living conditions at your home. Learn about the known benefits that you can receive when you choose to hire a company that offers house cleaning services.

Benefit #1: Your house will be cleaned by skilled professionals who know how to remove harmful bacteria from your home.

Benefit #2: You can choose which type of cleaning service will fit your budget and your house.

Benefit #3: A reputable house cleaning service company uses employees who are trained to know the best hygiene standards that will give you the peace of mind to know that you are living in a safe and healthy environment.

Benefit #4: Professional home cleaners can be trusted with your valuables.  Most professional cleaning companies do criminal background checks on their employees to help make sure that their clients are safe from theft and other domestic-related crimes.

Michele’s Maids is not your typical cleaning company. Each of our maids is thoroughly trained and adheres to our philosophy of complete customer satisfaction.

  • Our maids are bonded & insured
  • We offer customized cleaning services
  • We provide free estimates over the phone, online, or in person
  • Maids and Moore provides weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and move-in/move-out scheduled cleaning
  • We furnish all cleaning supplies and equipment
  • We are a family-owned and operated business located in Northern Virginia

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